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High Water Low Land book


High Water Low Land – The Dutch Artificial Coastal Landscape

A third of the Netherlands is below sea level. If the dunes and the dikes would not protect the Dutch coast, there is a strong possibility that parts of the Netherlands will be flooded. The most populous urban area in the Netherlands, the Randstad, where most Dutch people live, is in the danger area below sea level.

In this book photographer Bart Van Damme shows to what extent the Dutch coastal landscape has been modified and strengthened and how man tries to control the forces of nature. Simultaneously, the book shows how the new coastal landscapes provide opportunities for recreation, nature development and economic incentives.

Studies continuously show that sea level rises in Northwest Europe could be much higher than previously predicted and therefore the urgent question remains: Will the Dutch coast be sufficiently resistant?

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This book is still being developed and not yet for sale. If you’re interested in purchasing prints from the book, please email me.